Current Rate is:


For Personal Professional Head Shots

                                     + Editorial Style Shoots Only

 Starting Rate is $700.00 with a 50% Deposit


Contact Us for Corporate Head Shot Rate.


For Larger Production Shoots

(Commercial Print + Editorial Print + Advertising)

Info and Rates are available


Fee is due, no later than, one week prior to our scheduled - shooting day.

Final payment is due first thing, the day of our shoot together.

Cancellations must be made, no later than 48 hours in advance

of our scheduled shoot in order to receive your full/returned deposit.

Cancellations made after the said 48 hours, forfeit total deposit.


The rate is for approximately a 4 hour shooting day...

Achieving as many high quality photos as humanly possible& multiple looks (aka... tons.)
You + I + TOGETHER + will get the perfect shots for your specific needs.

Clean & Fresh Make-Up with Hair grooming.
For Women: $250.00 For Men: $175.00

I Shoot .RAW & .JPG Formats - @ the same time
You may receive your un-edited (.JPG ) photos via a Flash Drive.

WE Suggest + 32 GB Flash Drive
(bring your own or you may purchase one for an additional $50)
Going this route you get the photos right when we're done shooting. Un-Editied.

Photo Re-Touching
Simple photo re-touching (including color correction) rates are:
$50.00 per shot - on my projects only.
Hourly Rates for Extreme Photoshop Adjustments
beyond simple skin blemish & photo color correction are available upon request.
For Any Additional Information on Re-Touching and Rates from Other Projects please contact us.

Payments & the Deposit
Are to be made in advance of shoot via
CASH + * Personal Check + VENMO 

*Bounced Checks incur additional fees of $50.00 per week.
Until full payment is received.

No re-shoot or re-funds. No exceptions.


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