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Agency Approved. Management Approved.


The Boston Terrier on your right is my dog "Farnsworth" as a puppy... and he's still a bit of a flirt.


To Create, Photograph, and Capture a "Breathing Moment" that feels fresh.


Prior to the shoot I send you some homework via email.

We talk about & make a game plan.


I use strobe and natural lighting.


I start by shooting on traditional backgrounds,

while keeping it classic and yet, still modern and clean.


The rest of my approach to taking any photo is

one part guerrilla style and

the other part Dogme 95 film-making.


Maybe ...hit the closes road to find locations that work.

This may sound a bit scary or crazy, but completely exciting and alive & in turn, our photos will show that.

We'll work together, as artists & storytellers, developing each story and breathing life into a form that has become homogenized and stale.

The results become great and alive head shots, and stand out photos that say something specific.

I treat this as our adventure together... the more we both invest in this creative process... the happier you'll be.


To paraphrase - Playwright, John Patrick Shanley...

Photography is acting is directing is modeling is dancing is living your life.

The same things that make a moment in our life succeed, combust, move, these same things make a

moment in my photography have life. And when I move in my photography, acting, dancing, etc.

I have moved in my life. There is no illusion. It is all the same thing, for me and you.


Photography is the same as acting, directing, dancing, breathing, creating, and living our lives .


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