About James

Meanwhile, he relished the specifics of photography.

"A photograph reflected a given moment in time,

and yet the more specific it was, the more universal.

Acting, at its finest, was the same."

Montgomery Clift


Published Photographer : Advertising Campaigns, Look Books, SESAC Magazine, Malibu Magazine, Album Covers, Bands,  RPM Jump Ropes, Random House Books, Theater Productions, Plus Multiple Professional Websites and Web Magazines.


I'm James and thanks for checking out my site and my hope is that when we get together to shoot your photos you'll not only walk away with tons of great shots to aid in your success, but having had a fun & cool adventure, too.


My quick story is this--

I have been a successful working actor, a teacher & coach to many current and high profile actors/celebrities, and I have worked day in and out, alongside multiple - Top (Film & Commercial) Casting Directors in the Los Angeles for 25 years.

I started taking photos years ago, like many, as a hobby and then

for my students who kept coming back after they've spent

their hard own money on pictures by professional photographers

that were bland and out of touch.

And then, the ones we had taken... well, the proof was in the results.

They've gotten better agents, managers, and more quality auditions,

which has been truly exciting.


Re: Headshots

I know what works as an artist, photographer, & actor

and what, ultimately makes a Casting Director


a Head Shot when they're scanning over 100's of photos an hour for up to 12 hours a day.

Also, if your photos are for another venue

my goal, with you, is to create something that feels contemporary and alive.



If your photo doesn't breathe or have a life AND

it looks like every other factory pressed shot that came before... you're not going to get the opportunity you want.

You believe you're special and so should your photo be as well .





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